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Voip – Skype

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Voice over IP or VOIP is methodology and a group of technologies that provide voice communication over internet protocol (IP) among other features. Many voice over internet protocol providers are free, well not free since you have to use the internet, but there is no additional payment. VOIP is available on many smart phones, personal computers or other devices capable of using internet. Here are few examples of VOIP protocols:


Media gateway control protocol (MGCP), Session initiation protocol (SIP), Real time transport protocol and real time transport control protocol, session description protocol, skype protocol, teamspeak protocol and more.

As VOIP can be for personal or business use, some are local and some of them are global. Voice over internet protocols are very popular in UK. Some of the most popular UK VOIPs are Orbtalk, voipfone, Ringcentral and many, many more.

But here in this article we will talk mostly about Skype. Skype has a global use and its more of a personal VOIP rather than business one.
It is very easy to use. First thing you have to do is go on the internet and download the app, once you install it, you will be asked to fill out some personal information. Of course you will be asked to state your name, surname, state and among everything else a mobile phone number. The way others will see you is through your username, but using your real name they will be more likely to find you and add you to their friends list.
Friends list on Skype is basically giving permission to someone to talk to you, or call you. Now, we haven’t mentioned earlier that Skype is free to use, so other than paying your internet services, Skype won’t cost you a thing, but if you want to upgrade your account to premium, you can. IsrealNumber offer a hosted VoIP to Skype service. Offers a trunk setup, on a fix number of channels, at a set price. A simple way to provide your users the option to receive their calls, on their Skype user.

Free usage of Skype is grounded to Skype to Skype call, you can’t call mobile phones or landlines, but premium accounts allow exactly that.


Premium Skype account costs 7 dollars a month, but if you pay for a whole year it costs 42 dollars a year. So, what are the benefits of a premium account?
Well, first of all, if you call one particular country often, it provides calls to mobile phones and landline phones free of charge for that country you chose. Now that’s a big deal, for 4 dollars a month you have a full fledged phone without further costs. Besides being almost free to call one country, you can video call more than two people and make a group video call for up to ten people. You will get no ads that spam constantly to non premium users. If you get have any trouble you will be able to live chat with customer support and rather than sharing a screen with only one person, you will be able to do it in a group call.

If none of these features apply to you, you don’t need premium account, but Skype account will surely come in handy no matter what you use it for, after all, its free.

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